Walking in the Yorkshire Dales

Walking – the reason for happiness?

In England, the two most popular days out activities are walking and eating out. In fact walking is the main activity for those that visit the countryside.

Why? Walking is the most inclusive sport, leisure walks are enjoyed almost equally by men and women, making it an ideal activity for groups and friends. It is an affordable family activity as it is free excluding any travel expenses involved. It is also a sport that nearly everyone can do.

Those that do take part in regular walks can benefit from many health benefits such as; an improved performance of the heart, lungs and circulation, lower blood pressure, reduced risk of coronary heart disease and strokes, weight management, increase flexibility, strengthening of the joints and muscles, good cholesterol and more importantly improve your mood and reduce anxiety!

Perhaps the latter health benefit is one of the reasons why the Yorkshire Dales exudes a happy and relaxed atmosphere. Many people who live or visit the Yorkshire Dales walk regularly. Like most physical activities walking also releases the endorphins which improve your mood and in turn reduce your stress levels. It is proven that that the more active you are, the less you are at risk of suffering from clinical depression. The more time spent outdoors in the natural environment also helps your mental well-being.

There are many social groups that walk together on organised days – perfect for those lacking the knowledge or confidence in walking alone. The Yorkshire Dales also has many qualified mountain leaders – companies and one man bands – who will guide you on a walk of your choice or prepare a suitable walk for your abilities. Please click on the links below to find out more.

Guided walking in Swaledale or Wensleydale

Guided Yorkshire Three Peaks

If you are already a keen walker but would like to know more about navigation then the following short courses are also available.

One day map reading courses held by Mark Reid the author of The Inn Way

Night Navigation

One to one Navigation days in Swaledale or Wensleydale

Introduction to Navigation in Swaledale or Wensleydale

Safety in the Hills

Walking with GPS