The best pork pies in the Yorkshire Dales (and the world – fact)

I recently had a homemade pork pie at The Bridge Inn and it was delicious – there’s nothing better than tucking into a proper pork pie!

It also got me thinking! If there is one thing that Yorkshire does right, it is our pies especially pork pies. So, you can’t go far wrong if you treat yourself to a pork pie in the Yorkshire Dales whether it is from a butcher, a farm shop or even a homemade pork pie from a pub or café. Be it for a quick snack, a light lunch or simply indulging in something a little bit naughty.

I’m pretty sure that you’ll regret leaving the Yorkshire Dales without tasting a pork pie from one of these fine butchers.


Kendalls Pork Pies

Kendall’s Farm Butchers – Pateley Bridge & Harrogate

Kendall’s Farm Butchers are renowned for their top notch pork pies and have thriving shops in both Pateley Bridge and Harrogate. They have been established for nigh on 40 years and have fine-tuned the art of baking some of the finest pork pie. Their pies are made from locally sourced ingredients and are made onsite at Pateley Bridge with meat form their onsite butcher.

Not only do they have a couple of award winning pies under their belt but they also have a good range of tasty and interesting twists on the traditional Yorkshire pork pie.  Tasty alternatives include pork pies with mushy peas or Yorkshire blue stilton to sweet pickle and breakfast pies



Stanforths Pork PiesStanforth Butchers – Skipton

You’ve heard of the saying ‘why re-invent the wheel’ right? Well that can be said about pork pies too. Stanforth Butchers have kept the exact same recipe and traditional ways of making their famous pork pies since Jim Stanforth established the celebrated pork pie shop over 80 years ago. Well, if you’re doing it right why change it aye!

The shop and state of the art cutting plant are both based in Skipton and all their meat is traceable back to local farms in the area. You can buy these scrumptious pork pies in their shop warm or to eat cold or take them home for a treat later.

A word of warning, the pork and apple pie is to die for!


Weatherhead Butchers pork pieWeatherhead Butchers – Grassington & Pateley Bridge

You’ll be “right chuffed” with an award winning pork pie from the UK Champion Butcher ,  Weatherhead Butchers, as voted for in the Countryside Alliance Rural Oscars in 2013.

Weatherhead Butchers of Grassington and Pateley Bridge ensure they source their produce locally from farms in Nidderdale and Wharfdale where possible keeping the ‘food miles’ to a minimum!

The lads and lasses at Weatherheat Butchers are well known for their warm welcome and cheery banter – a traditional Yorkshire butchers at its best!



Where do you buy your pork pies?

If you know where to get a great pork pie in the Yorkshire Dales then please share it with us. Email me at so I can add it as recommendations to this page – thank you.