Raising the profile of local providers in the Yorkshire Dales

DalesBound LogoWe often hear about supporting local businesses in the news – buy from your local butcher, drink at your local pub, eat at restaurants that source their food from local producers…but how easy is it to do when it comes to a service, especially when you are not from the area?

It can be very tricky. This month a new website has been launched to help guests visiting the Yorkshire Dales find and book activities and attractions which are provided by local people through one central reservation point.

Dalesbound – www.dalesbound.co.uk – is the first website allowing customers to book through one central point in the Yorkshire Dales. This new initiative has been funded and supported by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority’s Sustainable Development Fund administered by Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust.

Hannah Wallington, founder of Dalesbound, said “the purpose of this new website is to make it easier for people to plan their holiday in the Yorkshire Dales whilst helping to raise the profile of the local providers. We’re determined to simplify visitors search for things to do. By working in partnership with the local providers and one man bands we can showcase the activities and attractions available on one website. This will increase the provider’s online visibility and minimise the visitors search for things to do. They can book through us too”

The Sustainable Development Fund supports projects that aim to achieve a more sustainable way of living and working in the Dales by strengthening communities and the local economy. By using only local providers Dalesbound intends to do just that. It is also beneficial for the visitors to the National Park to use local providers as those who are based in the Dales have a greater depth of local knowledge.

Hannah commented that “Dalesbound only works with local providers. By booking your activities and attractions through Dalesbound, you can be sure that your provider is located in the area and knows their stuff. What’s more, they’ll be able to tell you a thing or two about the National Park as they live, work and play here. And you can feel good as you will be supporting local skills and services.’

The support has come in an exciting year for the Dales as it hosts the first stage of the Tour de France on 5th July 2014 with an estimated 680,000 spectators due to line the route.

Notes to Editors:

For more information please contact Hannah Wallington, founder of DalesBound
Email – hello@dalesbound.co.uk
Address – Unit 3, Reeth Dales Centre, Reeth, Richmond , North Yorkshire, DL11 6SP

Notes on the Sustainable Development Fund
The Sustainable Development Fund provides grants to individuals, businesses, local
authorities and community groups to fund sustainable new business ideas and community
projects which will further the two National Park purposes of:
• conserving and enhancing the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the
Yorkshire Dales
• promoting opportunities for the understanding and enjoyment of the Yorkshire Dales’
special qualities by the public.

Launched in July 2002 and funded by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural
Affairs, the Sustainable Development Fund aims to consider new ways of achieving a more
sustainable way of living and working in the National Park, whilst enhancing and conserving
our local culture, wildlife, landscape, land use and communities.