Man and Dog

DannyIn June I collected my black Labrador puppy, Danny Boy, from a local breeder in Marske, Swaledale. Danny and I have had so much fun together over the last 9 months walking, running and exploring the magnificent Yorkshire Dales.

I came across a poem in the Reeth Gazette this month that features one of our regular walks – the Swing bridge loop along the River Swale in Reeth. The poem puts into words the happiness Danny and I share when we are out and about…if you’re a dog lover I am sure you can relate to this as much as me.

Man and Dog

Walking with my aging collie

By the gently flowing Swale,

His pleasure flows through every muscle

To the softly waving tail.


Ears alert and, keenly watching

Through those gentle, trusting eyes,

Waiting for his master’s signal.

Intelligence is no surprise.


Takes a paddle in the river.

Cooling water, cold and clear.

Brief respite then back for action,

Shrugging off advancing years.


Each takes comfort from the other.

Trust and caring bind the two.

Eager dog anticipating

What his human friend will do.


Sticks to fetch, all limbs a-quiver,

Sinews taut like well-oiled springs,

Keeps his elderly companion

On his toes, and pleasure brings.


Well-matched pair, two ancient bodies

But with hearts and minds still young.

Human, filled with joy and comfort

Shared by dog with lolling tongue.


Simple, pleasant walks, but priceless,

Man and creature so in tune.

In a place of peace and beauty,

There with nature to commune.


By Maisie Turner