Nature Holidays

Hawes MeadowThroughout the Yorkshire Dales there are organised nature activities that give you an opportunity to find out more about our magnificent National Park and to get up close to the wildlife that inhabits it.

The Yorkshire Dales is teaming with wildlife from birds of prey such as hawks and owls that soar high above the moorlands to the peregrines that nest at Malham Cove. Thanks to conservation projects we have a growing population of the endangered red squirrel – if you’re lucky you might get a quick glimpse.  We also have ground nesting birds such as grouse which thrive in the heather moorland. Our unique wild flower meadows provide the perfect habitat for beautiful butterflies to call home. And that’s just to name just a few of the 150 species that inhabit the Yorkshire Dales.

What’s really special about the Yorkshire Dales is that it doesn’t matter what time of year you come as the natural world is constantly changing.