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Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

The Lesser Spotted Woodpecker is rare in comparison to the other two woodpeckers that reside in the UK. In the Yorkshire Dales there are sadly only a small number of sites that you are likely to spot the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker as the national park mirrors the national decline.

You are most likely to spot a lesser spotted woodpecker in woodland areas during spring as this is the time that they are most likely to be active. They like to spend time at the tops of the trees, this is where they find their food; spiders, insects and larvae.  They are not easy to spot, you are more likely to hear their call or drumming.

The male and the female lesser spotted woodpecker are very similar in appearance with the lower back banded with black and white. To distinguish the two, you shall notice that the male has a bright red crown.

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker